Los Angeles County, CA Crane Rental Service

At Rebco Crane and Rigging Service, our team of professionals has been in the business for the last three decades to provide lifting and crane rental services to Los Angeles County, CA. Whether you’re looking for help with a large-scale commercial project or completing a DIY job in your residential area, we have the right crane to match your needs.

We offer a wide range of services from 3D lift plans, construction lifting, AC and HVAC units, rigger and signal, all general hoisting, tank installs, and more.

Our fleet offers customized solutions to all our clients and as a major crane company, we’re highly preferred and respected for both big and small projects. Our operators are experienced, trained, and certified.

We’ve raised the bar in Los Angeles County, CA, and you can be assured that along with skill, knowledge, and expertise, our high-end equipment is also tested, insured, certified, and licensed so that you can safely use them to launch your new business endeavor.

Get in touch with us if you require customized lifting and rigging solutions.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services in Los Angeles, CA like:

3D Lift Plans

Our 3D lift plans allow you to accurately simulate an entire lift in 3D with user-friendly software that helps you to save time and increase job efficiently.

Air Conditioning/Generators

We can lift large air conditioning and heating units safely and efficiency and get them to where they need to be promptly.

Building Materials

We take all your building materials like wood, rebar, and structural steel into account and incorporate cost-effective and reliable solutions to ensure perfect delivery.

Construction Lifting

Our team in Los Angeles, CA offers various types of construction site lifting like cell towers, transformers, and poles to meet your needs.

Up to 70 Ton cranes

From light to heavy machinery, our fleet of crane rentals can help you with everything from simple construction to demanding and complex projects.


REBCO in Los Angeles, CA offers professional tree, dirt, and shrub care services to ensure that your property remains beautiful and healthy.

Machinery Lifting

Our plant and machine installation team are experienced, dedicated, and maintains the highest levels of safety and integrity while moving your equipment.

Man Baskets

You can rely on our reliable, safe, and effective man basket services which help keep your project on track, saving you time and money.

Rigger and Signal

We offer an exceptional rigging service along with a certified rigger to help you move the project along swiftly and efficiently.

Shipping Containers

We deliver seamless shipping container, bathroom, and kitchen lifting solutions on land and the water with agility.

Spas/Tuff sheds

We’ll plan everything for you, right from lifting your hot tub or spa to installing it and even transporting it to multiple locations.

Spreader Bars

Our company in Los Angeles, CA can custom design and manufacture spreader bars and other equipment to suit your needs.

All General Hoisting

We have platform trailer units and a wide range of hoisting equipment to transport large units and heavy materials safely and quickly.

Tank Installs

Our team of advanced riggers and operators will handle your tank installations, whatever the scale and specific requirements of your project in a timely manner.

Innovative, Flexible, And Approachable

At REBCO in Los Angeles, CA we’re proud of our high standards of service and customer care and we will do everything to ensure that our clients are happy with the job. We take care to get each project done on time with maximum safety and precautions.

How Can We Help?

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Orange County Service Areas

Rebco Crane & Rigging Service the entire county of Orange including the cities and areas listed below:

We look forward to the opportunity to provide first class crane service