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Work platforms, more commonly known as man baskets are an essential part of construction equipment, for safely transporting workers. These are specialized machines that enable workers to carry out their construction activities and tasks safely and efficiently, at elevated spaces. These are typically made of an enclosed platform that is attached to a lifting mechanism that helps in raising and lowering the workers, as well as their tools, as and when needed. These machines have made it quite easier to inaccessible areas which cannot be reached by ladders or other manual means. This being said, you must have figured out the utmost importance of the safety associated with the design and the type of build of these platforms.

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Crane requirements for operating a man basket

When selecting a crane rental service, it is important that the crane and man basket is properly equipped and meets all the safety requirements. And this is exactly what we, at Rebco Crane and Rigging Service take care of. We also ensure that any crane operating with a suspended or pinned basket is down-rated to half of the rated capacity and also consists of a boom with fail-safe systems, in order to prevent any unintended collapse or lowering of the boom.

Our cranes that are used to operate suspended baskets are equipped with an anti-two blocking device and a locking device on the hook. This will help in preventing the basket from accidentally detaching. All of our outlets present in California and Utah are known for providing an affordable crane service with the utmost safety like full safety harnesses and other safety requirements. Our company provides fast and effective assistance for man baskets, that are qualified and compliant, with the necessary expertise and experience that helps in determining the most suitable equipment for your project. You can keep your project on track with our excellent services, which are available at any time.

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