Customized Material Handling Solutions in Hurricane, UT

 At REBCO, in Hurricane, UT, our team of professionals provide turnkey solutions to your project and will ensure that your lifts are done to the highest standard for both direct and indirect customers within a variety of industries.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services in La Mirada, CA.

3D Lift Plans

A 3D lift plan allows customers to use the application to plan lifts and crane selection while saving time and increasing job site efficiency.

Air Conditioning/Generators

Our in-depth experience perfectly equips us in HVAC and AC unit lifting and shifting services so you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of.

Building Materials

Our well-maintained modern cranes are engineered to handle building materials to and from high floors and roofs for almost any construction project.

Construction Lifting

If you need transportation help with your construction project or even need to rent heavy-duty trucks and trailers, we can transport your items easily to another jobs site.

Up to 70 Ton cranes

Here, at REBCO in La Mirada, CA, we take pride in offering a well-maintained and varied fleet of cranes up to 70 tons to provide you with a safe way to carry out your project.


Our crane services are frequently used to assist in landscaping projects like planting, removal, and lifting not only for residential but commercial properties as well.

Machinery Lifting

REBCO in La Mirada, CA can provide transportation to any location in southern California, whether your machinery needs to go to a new job site or the scrapyard.

Man Baskets

We rent cranes with trusted and reliable man baskets for cell site repairs, sign repair, lighting work, and other projects requiring a suspended personnel platform.

Rigger and Signal

Our team of professionals is fully equipped to handle any construction job and provide exceptional services and knowledge of rigging to complete your project promptly.

Shipping Containers

We can lift almost any shipping container, mobile bathroom, and kitchen accurately and safely that helps keep your project under budget and on track.

Spas/Tuff sheds

Whether your project is residential or commercial, REBCO in La Mirada, CA, can help with any spa or hot tub lift for haul away or relocation.

Spreader Bars

We understand the challenges that come with working in manufacturing and will provide you with a range of safe spreader bars to fit your project needs.

All General Hoisting

Our crane operators are trained to perform hoists for any utility installation or removal project and can help determine the best crane for your project.

Tank Installs

Tanks are important in many industries and need to be properly lined to function without any faults – our team can help you take care of this in a professional and reliable way.

Quality and Safety Above All Others

From keeping your machines and services up-to-date to repairs, crane rentals, lifting, rigging, and more, REBCO in La Mirada, CA is ready to serve your needs.

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Orange County Service Areas

Rebco Crane & Rigging Service the entire county of Orange including the cities and areas listed below:

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