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Things to look out for in a good crane service for AC/generator installment

When it comes to AC installment or generator replacement, cranes are very essential for safe and efficient lifting. Most of the buildings rely on massive cooling units and generators that can weigh a lot. And since these heavy objects mostly go over the roof, they require a crane service to install them. But since the whole process can be very complex and risky, you need to make sure that everyone around your worksite stays safe during the crane
operation. And for this, you need to ensure that the air conditioning crane service you hired for the operation has an expert team who prioritizes safety by following the important safety tips.

Crane Operator for HVAC Installation

We care for your safety

Some of the safety tips involve balancing the rigging, creating a large safety zone, appointing qualified workers, using the right accessories, and using a secondary lift. For appropriately balancing the rigging, it is important that the operator finds the real center of gravity for each individual unit, before rigging the load and lifting it. The center of gravity is often mistaken to be at the visual center of the unit. This happens due to the layout of the internal components that have different weights and densities. Our air conditioning crane service ensures that the operator performs the test lifting of the unit by raising it to a very short height to find the right balance through trial and error. Proper balancing of the unit reduces the risk of the load shifting to one side when lifted and falling, thus avoiding significant damage.

Make sure that the operator double-checks the equipment and balances the load properly to prevent the load from falling and causing injuries and damage. Also see to it that the team looks out for hazards to the equipment as it moves through the area and takes care of factors like pillars, low-hanging power lines, and other obstacles. The best crane rental will provide you with a qualified team of workers, operators, and the sighting crew. This will save you from paying hefty fines associated with the safety rules and also prevent any delays in the installation process by saving your time spent on finding qualified crew members.

See to it that the crane service gets the right rigging accessories. To install an AC or generator unit over a building, you need much more accessories than just a crane. These accessories include synthetic webs, round slings, and spreader bars. They make a huge difference by preventing any damage to the building, any injuries to the crew members, and any crushing or scraping damage to the exterior of the unit. Spreader bars are very crucial for lifting bulky or tall AC/generator systems.

Why choose Rebco for air conditioning and generators installation

Rebco Crane and Rigging Services has years of experience in performing removal and installation of AC and generator units by providing our reliable crane rental service throughout California and Utah. We have an experienced and licensed team on board with skilled operators that can carry out the operation safely, accurately, and efficiently. Our team can also help you out in selecting the right equipment needed for the job, at any type of location. Our company offers these generator and air conditioning crane services at competitive rates that will minimize your overall project costs.

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