Crane Spreader Bar For Lifting

How do spreader bars help in lifting heavy loads?

Spreader bars are a crucial piece of equipment used in lifting heavy loads by cranes. A spreader bar generally consists of a long bar that holds wire rope slings. They are very useful in aiding crane operators in picking up large and heavy loads. It is designed in such a way that it can distribute a load of a lift across more than one point, which increases the stability and reduces the weight applied during hoisting. These are very convenient for lifting heavy objects that are too large to be lifted from a single point, thus reducing the risk of serious accidents and injuries.

These bars typically have two lugs that go up to transmit load to the crane and two lugs down to attach it to the object that is being lifted and the lines connecting the object remain close to the vertical, to provide the simplest loading.

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Why are spreader bars important for operators?

Since spreader bars distribute the weight of the object evenly across the slings and ropes, which allows for a vertical hoist, making it possible to lift loads that are likely to get damaged from angled slings. Hence, they are ideal for lifting things that are too large to balance from a single point, especially when the objects cannot be handled in unfavorable loading conditions like getting slanted while lifting. These objects include concrete pipes, skip bins, and housing blocks. Spreader bars are constructed to withstand the stress exerted by the angled lines when lifting the load.

There are different types of spreader bars namely, adjustable spreader bars which are telescopic bars that can be extended in length; specialized pipe lifting bars that are built for pipe lifting equipment and modular spreader bars which are designed in pieces that can be easily assembled into a range of configurations to suit different types of applications. Look out for a crane service provider that can offer you spreader bars with length flexibility that will help you to ensure that the bar has nearly zero bending when loaded. Also, it’s important to check if the lugs are distributed on the underside to exert compressive forces when the load is attached. This helps to balance the tensile forces exerted when lifting, thus providing extremely efficient structural loading.

How can we help?

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