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Rebco Crane Service has over 3 decades of experience and can be trusted with all of your commercial lifting needs

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Up to 70 Ton cranes

Our wide range of cranes is fully operated and maintained for a full-service package which allows us to be able to better meet your needs and take care of all the heavy lifting.

All general hoisting

Our team of professionals offers a full line of material and personnel hoists along with high-quality equipment to get the job done safely, reliably, and flexibly no matter what the terrain.

3D lift plan

Our 3D lift planning can help provide a realistic and in-depth approach for best utilizing the crane and other equipment to reach your objective and get the job done in a quicker, safer, and less expensive manner.

Construction lifting

We can provide turn-key solutions for lifting and moving construction materials and work in conjunction with your team to accomplish the task at hand promptly and reliably.

Building Materials

Our highly skilled and qualified personnel paired with the most high-end rigging equipment can safely and efficiently move and lift building materials and equipment while minimizing downtime to your operations.

Air Conditioning/generators

We lift and transport heavy and large AC and HVAC units quickly and safely, whether you need a change out or a new installation.

Spas/Tuff Sheds/Containers

Whether you are looking to relocate your spa, hot tub or even lift it out of difficult and compact spaces, our team can get it done with minimal disturbance and maximum safety.

Cell Towers/Transformers/Poles

Cell Towers in the situation where you need to install a new cell tower we have all the necessary equipment etc.

Machine lifting

REBCO provides long and heavy-haul machine lifting and transportation for both commercial and residential homeowners and will work with you to configure a custom solution to meet your needs.

Man baskets

With years of experience in the industry, our crane suspended man baskets are custom made for a range of units with personalized dimensions and needs to meet our client’s needs.

Speader bars

These telescopic spreader bars are specially designed to adapt to any dimension and capacity as well as permits multiple configurations which makes them easy to use, transport and store.

Rigger and signal

We provide qualified riggers and signalpersons, who are thoroughly evaluated by our in-house expert evaluator, who determines the individual’s performance depending upon their qualifications and provides a report of the person’s determination.


“REBCO provided me with ultimate professionalism and performed exceptionally well during handling, lifting, and load testing which would not have been possible otherwise. Their team was friendly and helpful and the work was outstanding. They even had their team take all safety precautions to get the work done swiftly and efficiently”

Obert B., Huntington Beach, CA

“We found REBCO’s lifting and rigging personnel to be very knowledgeable, skilled, and co-operative throughout the course of each project as well as provide us with professional solutions and advice. We look forward to working with them again on future projects and would recommend them in a heartbeat.”

Brian Nicholas, Aliso Viejo, CA

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A spreader bar is a tool used in crane-assisted lifting, which operates by lowering the load below the hook. This is used specifically when lifting enormous increments that require something to divide the burdens to avoid mishaps. Spreader bars are generally made of pipe and have lifting points at the top and bottom on opposing ends. They are suspended from two slings by a crane and often have two to four bottom slings attached for rigging to the load. Spreader bars, for example, are always in compression and are constructed with various pipe diameters and thicknesses to achieve the necessary design factor to satisfy the maximum rated capacity. Spreader bars are the optimum solution for loads with several lift points and a need for load control. Spreader Bars vs. Lifting Beams for Overhead Cranes Spreader beams are among the most often used below-the-hook lifting devices in the material handling sector. Spreader beams, like lifting beams, are used to increase the number of potential lifting points on rigged loads and keep lifting slings at a 90° angle relative to the horizon. Spreader bars convert vertical lifting forces into compression forces on the beam, as opposed to lifting beams, which convert vertical lifting forces into bending forces on the beam. Lifting and rigging spreader bars are made up of a beam with two or more lifting lugs on the bottom that attach to lifting slings that attach to the weight. The top attachment is what distinguishes them from lifting beams. Spreader bars are carried by a multi-leg sling that attaches to the bails on top of the spreader beam rather than a single-centered bail that links to a crane or hoist hook. Why You Should Choose Spreader Bars for Overhead Cranes? If you are unsure about which Spreader bars to use on overhead cranes, consider the following advantages to help you decide: ● Spreader beams are particularly effective in lifting extra-wide and heavy-duty loads. ● Spreader beams transform lifting forces into pure compression forces, allowing them to be less stiff than lifting beams. This means they use less material and are often smaller, lighter in weight, and less expensive than lifting beams. ● The use of two lifting points on top of spreader beams evenly distributes the load's weight and eliminates the issues associated with putting stress on a single lifting attachment. This one-of-a-kind design decreases the likelihood of the load toppling, sliding, or bending, as well as the risk of crushing or harming the load. ● A spreader bar is often used when the weight is too heavy for numerous slings to raise and something needs to be placed underneath to keep it steady. ● You do not have to pay for maintenance when you rent spreader bars. It is the company's job to keep the equipment in good operating order. You will receive spreader bars in perfect operating condition. You also don't have to bother about pre- and post-use storage. ● Before renting a spreader bar or any other piece of equipment, it must pass a set of stringent safety examinations. Qualified personnel perform safety checks to guarantee proper rigging. If you need spreader bars for overhead cranes for your next project, contact Rebco Crane and Rigging Services for high-quality spreader bars rental tailored to your specifications. January 18th, 2023

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A spreader bar is a tool used in crane-assisted lifting, which operates by lowering the load below the hook. This...
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