Customized Material Handling Solutions in Hurricane, UT

At REBCO, in Hurricane, UT, our team of professionals provide turnkey solutions to your project and will ensure that your lifts are done to the highest standard for both direct and indirect customers within a variety of industries.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services in Hurricane, UT

3D Lift Plans

Our 3D lift planning is a combination of an attractive, three-dimensional user interface and the exact machine data to carry out your lift in the best possible way.

Air Conditioning/Generators

At REBCO in Hurricane, UT, we provide a complete solution for any generator and cooling unit requirement and work from day to night to meet your deadlines.

Building Materials

We provide specialist material and equipment lifting services as well as a bespoke tailored solution for each and every item we transport.

Construction Lifting

Our team in Hurricane, UT has detailed knowledge of the types of cranes that are best suited to certain site conditions and construction lifting requirements.

Up to 70 Ton Cranes

Our cranes are built on a substructure making them easy to erect and can be supplied on short- and long-term rentals whether stand-alone or as part of a full service.


We can transport your trees and other landscaping objects to their new location as well as remove and replace heavy objects and oversized items.

Machinery Lifting

Our team can lift, dismantle, transport, and install a wide range of plant and machinery equipment throughout southern California.

Man Baskets

We rent man baskets and personnel baskets that pass the highest safety and design standards and are safety compliant and tested regularly.

Rigger and Signal

Our rigging services are all carried out by carefully selected, event friendly, and qualified riggers that work quickly, safely, and effectively to keep your project on track.

Shipping Containers

We guarantee the best equipment for your shipping container lifting needs and will get your job done in a timely manner while providing safe and effective operations.

Spa/Tuff Sheds

From moving your spas and tuff sheds from the most awkward and compact spots to looking after all aspects of the project, we will get it done safely and efficiently.

Spreader Bars

Our team has designed spreader bars and end fittings to give you the ability to use them for different lengths and sizes at an affordable rate.

All General Hoisting

With many years of experience, we provide attention to detail for every hoisting project to take your business to the next level.

Tank Installs

We are the overall supplier of tank installations and process equipment and provide high-quality installations that are affordable and safe.

Bespoke Lifting and Rigging Services

Our team in Hurricane, UT offers lift services that allow us to complete your project quicker, safer, and more efficiently while overcoming any heavy lifting problem.

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