Certified Rigger And Signal Person

Importance of good rigger and signal training

Safety is the foremost priority when it comes to construction sites, especially when handling cranes and other heavy equipment. To ensure safety, having a qualified rigger and salesperson on a construction site is necessary. The role of a rigger and signal person is often underestimated or completely ignored. But doing this can lead to so many issues and safety hazards.

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Role of a rigger

The rigger person is the one who operates equipment like ropes and pulleys, heavy chains, straps, and cables that are used to secure heavy loads which need to be transported through cranes. So, riggers are trained in this field and possess the appropriate knowledge required about knowing the right hitches to be tied and how much weight different cranes can support. Their training includes having a great understanding of a load’s center of gravity so that they can always ensure proper stability balance and mobility of the loads. A rigger has a lot of responsibilities as he/she is the one responsible for rigging the load properly. Hence, an experienced rigger form is required from a renowned crane rental service provider, who can provide you with a properly rigged load so that your worksite does not become a danger zone.

Rigger and signal persons

Safely guiding the crane operator in transporting the load from its rigging location to its specified location is the responsibility of the signalperson. He/she is also responsible for ensuring that all of the activities that include the operation of cranes are performed safely. Signalpersons are trained to understand and use specific hand signals that can be understood by the crane operator and the operator then follows the signals accordingly.

Importance of safety

Experienced, well-trained, and qualified riggers and signalpersons from crane service providers play a vital role on the construction site because it can be a dangerous zone for inexperienced individuals who are not appropriately trained and educated about how to behave around heavy equipment and cranes. One small wrong move can have hundreds of consequences, some of them might even be fatal. Therefore, it is important to stress safety in such conditions and abide by the safety requirements. The signalperson needs to know the types of signals used at the worksite and should be able to competently use them and their limitations, along with the proper knowledge of crane equipment as well as the dynamics involved, through oral written and practical testing.

Why choose Rebco?

Rebco Crane and Rigging Service strives at providing qualified riggers and signalpersons, who are thoroughly evaluated by our in-house expert evaluator, who determines the individual’s performance depending upon their qualifications and provides a report of the person’s determination. We also make sure that our riggers and signalpersons have eminent qualification standards to ensure that they are reliable and suitable for this position, who are trained and experienced.

If you hire our crane service from any of our outlets in California and Utah, you will be provided with the necessary personnel to complete your tasks in a professional and safe way.

We look forward to the opportunity to provide first class crane service