A Cost-Effective Solution for Lifting Services in Apple Valley, UT

Our company in Apple Valley, UT provides a range of specialist services to meet the needs of both domestic and commercial clients and offers them the safest, most effective solution to all their lifting requirements.

Our services

We offer a wide variety of services in Apple Valley, UT. Some of our services include:

Up to 70 Ton Cranes

Our versatile and well-maintained fleet of 70-ton cranes comes along with trained crane experts that can provide a safe and enhanced lifting solution on any terrain.

All General Hoisting

With many years of experience, our in-house team can help you provide the same quality service in hoisting at the earliest stages of your project.

3D Lift Plans

Planning a heavy lift is a demanding task but our 3D lift plans provide a simple lifting operation solution to take all eventualities into account.

Construction Lifting

Our team can provide a competitive construction lifting service that is best suited to your site and lifting requirements.

Building Materials

We provide dedicated crane service to lift and move complex and abnormal material loads of wood, rebar, and structural steel to multiple locations safely and efficiently.

Air Conditioning/Generators

Our team has years of experience in supplying and lifting AC and Generator units and has completed installations for many established clients.

Spas/ Tuff Sheds/ Shipping Containers

If you’ve ordered a spa for your home or need to lift and install a tuff shed for your client in a tight or compact space, our team is here to help you. We can even relocate shipping containers at construction sites for offices and portable restrooms.

Cell Towers/Transformers/Poles

Our constant services and well-maintained rigs allow us to perform all types of cell tower, transformer, and telephone pole lifts and hauls in a prompt and efficient manner.

Tank Installs

We are well known for our quality and reliability for tank installation, lifting, and delivery flexibly and cost-effectively.


We frequently assist in landscaping projects, including tree maintenance, trimming, and removal for residential and commercial properties.

Machinery Lifting

Our expertly trained team of engineers can dismantle, lift, transport, and install a wide range of machinery and plants throughout Apple Valley, UT.

Man Baskets

AT REBCO we rent man baskets and cages that pass the highest safety and design standards as well as are fully secure for your team.

Spreader Bars

We have a large selection of spreader bars available for all types of applications for a fraction of the cost.

Rigger and Signal

Along with providing rigging and signal services, we also give you an experienced rigger for carrying out your events safely and reliably.

Exemplary Projects In Apple Valley, UT

REBCO in Apple Valley, UT, is ready to help you manage every logistical aspect of your operation. With years of experience, we can deliver exceptional services no matter the scope and complexity of the project.

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Orange County Service Areas

Rebco Crane & Rigging Service the entire county of Orange including the cities and areas listed below:

We look forward to the opportunity to provide first class crane service