Tank installs

Tank installsWhy Should You Hire Us for Tank Installation?

Lifting and installing tanks is not as easy as it may seem to be. Whether it is lifting a tank for installation, correcting the edge settlement, or relocating it, you need highly experienced professional staff that can support you throughout the process. The lifting of storage tanks should be synchronized and be carried out with accuracy. Hence, you need to seek experienced professionals, who will offer you outstanding services.

The best crane rental service provider will use step cylinders, that are constructed with low-weight material and fitted with a roll saddle for protection of the plunger, to hold the unconventional loads, to safely lift the tanks. Such step cylinders are ideal in situations in which a greater vertical movement of extremely heavy loads is required. These heavy loads can be raised to 2 meters in height by using Azobe beams. Also, the step plates are designed such that they can contribute to the easy positioning of the beams, thus making them user-friendly. If multiple-step cylinder sets are used, they should be connected with T-pieces or double couplers. This helps in lifting the tanks in a safe and controlled way and the adjustable head makes it easier to position the rank under the temporary support.

Several of the crane service providers, including us, offer their services throughout the entire process of installation. We also provide the skilled personnel and specialized technology that is necessary to ensure that the installation process is safely and efficiently completed. Our skilled team members deliver and support the complete process, and will also help you to select the right type of cranes. We also ensure that our team implements safety measures that will lead to a zero-incident environment at your work site.

Innovative techniques that we use

We, at Rebco Crane and Rigging Service, first analyze your situation and then recommend the appropriate equipment and action. We execute this plan by using innovative methods to elevate the tank from its base. Our conventional hydraulic jacking methods help to maintain the tank integrity and reduce the time and labor efforts required for the process. In addition to this, our trained and experienced team can provide you with excellent services for the installation or relocation of tanks. We only use certified equipment from leading international manufacturers that is thoroughly inspected and well maintained.

Very few companies have the adequate expertise required to lift large tanks, and Rebco is one of them. We provide you with an experienced staff and years of experience in successful tank lifting services, which has helped us in developing a safe and state-of-the-art system to lift tanks, especially large and heavy tank liftings. Our dedicated team is performance-driven and committed to serving the needs of our clients.

We have been providing are remarkable services in California and Utah for the past 30 years, with our professionals using the most innovative technologies for tank lifting, as well as ensuring that the project is executed in the safest manner to help you meet the goals without any hassles. Our crane rental service also has customized solutions that are perfectly designed t suit your projects.

We look forward to the opportunity to provide first class crane service