Helpful Rigging & Lifting Equipment Solutions in Veyo, UT

Our team of professionals in Veyo, UT has the knowledge, resources, and experience to provide your project with the right solution. We understand what it takes to keep your team safe while on the job and ensure that we will get your work done quickly and promptly.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services in Veyo, UT like –

Up to 70 Ton Cranes

Our versatile and well-equipped fleet of cranes comes with trained operators and has been optimized for safe and enhanced rigging and lifting applications.

All General Hoisting

Looking for custom services, on-site support, and high-end equipment and crane rentals? Our company can provide you with everything you need for your specific project.

3D Lift Plans

Our 3D lift planner helps you to take all eventualities and crane lifts into account and find solutions in advance so that you can carry out your lift in the best possible way.

Construction Lifting

Through extensive on-site experience in devising and executing lifting plans, we choose the best type of crane that’s suited to certain construction sites and lifting requirements.

Building Materials

We have the ability to identify potential problems with building materials and equipment lifting and find safe solutions to ensure that every delivery is done safely and reliably.

Air Conditioning/Generators

We will provide a complete solution for any generator or AC unit lifting and moving requirements quickly and efficiently so that there is minimal disruption to you.

Spas/ Tuff Sheds/ Shipping Containers

We are experienced in all types of hot tub, spa and tuff shed removal or installation for your home or commercial project and will even relocate your shipping containers for portable restrooms or offices at the construction site.

Cell Towers/Transformers/Poles

We provide the most qualified and affordable cell tower, transformer, and telephone pole lifting services that are done promptly and effectively.

Tank Installs

Our qualified personnel design, lift, and install our tanks and take on any tank-related work flexibly and safely.


We handle and remove trees for landscaping and construction projects as well as clean up after storms and move any diseased stumps or items that pose a threat to your property.

Machinery Lifting

Our expertly trained team of engineers can dismantle, move and transport a wide range of plant and machinery equipment throughout Veyo, UT.

Man Baskets

We rent man baskets that meet or exceed local and national stringent standards and are in conformance with the design requirements as well as have a range of safety features.

Spreader Bars

Our spreader bars give you the ability to use different lengths and structural elements between the end fittings and can be used for all types of applications.

Rigger and Signal

Along with our expert rigging services we also provide you with a skilled rigger that can help you carry out your project quickly, efficiently, and safely through careful pre-planning.

Committed To Serving Our Clients

Our team in Veyo, UT is proud to provide you with lifting services and crane rentals quickly, safely, and effectively as well as the best equipment for the job. Our team can take on any big or small job with ease.

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Orange County Service Areas

Rebco Crane & Rigging Service the entire county of Orange including the cities and areas listed below:

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