Elevate Your Performance with Our Crane and Rigging Services in Huntington Park, CA

Our professionals at REBCO Crane and Rigging Services in Huntington Park, CA, have decades of knowledge and experience in lifting, rigging, and coming up with innovative and customized solutions to meet your needs in a wide variety of industries.

Whether you need bulk lifting, rental, or any other custom component, our engineers will provide the ideal solution to your project.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services in Huntington Park, CA like:

Up to 70 Ton Cranes

Our selection of construction equipment and cranes comes along with a certified operator that allows us to take on any job like moving, storage, rigging, and transport.

All General Hoisting

Heavy equipment and utility lifting call for high-quality and properly inspected equipment which is why we focus on special lifting tools to meet your needs.

3D Lift Plans

Our company offers a user-friendly design and plan along with a trained crew to make your 3D lift plan for your construction site easy and efficient.

Construction Lifting

We specialize in construction and steel lifting as well as in and out jobs for a variety of clients.

Building Materials Lifting

Our trained and experienced crew in Huntington Park, CA can transport and operate a rental crane to lift equipment and materials like wood, rebar, and structural steel during building.

Air Conditioning / Generators

When it comes to removing heating and air conditioning units, our crew can easily and safely lift the old units off and new units into place with minimum crane rental.

Spa/Tuff Sheds/Shipping Containers

Our professionals in Huntington Park, CA have moved a lot of spas, hot tubs, and swimming pools over the years and transferred them to your new home. We can even relocate shipping containers and portable restrooms at construction sites.

Cell Towers/Transformers/Poles

Our extensive array of custom-built equipment enables us to install new cell towers, swap transformers, and remove and install telephone poles quickly to minimize your downtime.

Tank Installs

When it comes to lifting shipping containers we focus on maximum safety, efficiency, and high productivity along with innovative solutions to support you.


Every member of our crew is trained in safely tackling and moving trees from even the tightest and most compact spaces.

Machinery Lifting

At REBCO, our team of professionals can lift and transport, light and heavy machinery to various locations in a timely and safe manner.

Man Baskets

Our handling of man basket services focuses on safety and efficiency and we ensure that even the platform is fully tested and certified.

Spreader Bars

Our spreader bars are lightweight and durable making storage, transportation, and assembly relatively easy and seamless.

Rigger and Signal

We treat each project professionally no matter how small or big it is and we believe that once you use our rigging and crane services for your work, you will use us again and again

Transforming Businesses Worldwide

No matter how challenging or unique your project is, our team of professionals in Huntington Park, CA works closely with you to fully understand your requirements and provide the best quality and most reliable equipment so that you can always operate at your best.

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