Experience You Can Rely on in Burbank, CA

Over the past three decades REBCO in Burbank, CA, has done tons of residential, industrial, and commercial lifts and projects for a variety of clients moving a wide range of items from shipping containers to trees, spas, and much more.

Our services

We offer a wide variety of services in Burbank, CA like:

3D Lift Plan

We continue to set the standard for innovation by offering all features of our revolutionary 3D lift plans to save time and increase job efficiency.

Air Conditioning/Generators

Our in-depth experience perfectly equips us to tailor our services to the demands of each project while ensuring optimum health and safety at all times.

Building Materials

We can lift your building materials from high floors and roofs and even help you determine the best crane for your operation at the most affordable price.

Construction Lifting

At REBCO in Burbank, CA, we provide you with an accurate, timely service that will help keep your project under budget so that there’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Up to 70 Ton cranes

Here, at REBCO, we take price in offering a varied fleet of cranes with operators across southern California who are best suited to your project.


Our landscaping and tree lifting services can help safely and efficiently move rocks, statues, trees, fountains, and other structures.

Machinery Lifting

We can handle all your machinery lifting and transportation needs as well as offer the best value in crane rental and high-quality, reliable service.

Man Baskets

Our clients have used our safe and reliable man baskets for repairing stadium lights, commercial and residential projects as well as sign repair, and more.

Rigger and Signal

Our company in Burbank, CA provides exception rigging service along with a professional rigger that is fully equipped to handle any construction job.

Shipping Containers

We are committed to providing accurate and efficient shipping container, mobile bathroom, and kitchen lifting service that helps keep your project on track.

Spas/Tuff sheds

We’ve performed a lot of lifts over the years and whatever your spa or hot tub lifting needs maybe we have the right crane for hauling or relocation.

Spreader Bars

To us, quality is paramount and so we custom design, test, and supply your special spreader bars with the utmost safety and reliability.

All General Hoisting

We are available 24/7 to handle any hoisting and lifting jobs from light to heavy-duty loads along with utility vaults, large piping, and emergency generators.

Tank Installs

At REBCO in Burbank, CA we go above and beyond for our customers with expert tank installations at any location and on any terrain.

Innovative And Off-The-Shelf Solutions In Lifting

At REBCO in Burbank, CA, we offer a full range of affordable, high-quality services that are quick, reliable, and efficient. We can handle the lifting and transportation as well as the removal and installation of any project from start to finish.

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Orange County Service Areas

Rebco Crane & Rigging Service the entire county of Orange including the cities and areas listed below:

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