Your Complete Rigging & Lifting Solutions Provider in Downey, CA

From our inception, REBCO in Downey, CA, has maintained its commitment to the highest level of service, professionally trained staff, and innovative techniques for increased accuracy and efficiency.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services in Downey, CA like:

Up to 70 Ton Cranes

Our 70-ton cranes come along with skilled operators and are highly versatile, and provide enhanced stability along with lift and carrying capabilities across job sites and end markets.

All General Hoisting

We have moved large machinery, transformers, and generators as well, as structural equipment - our unique approach, allows us to complete your heavy hoisting problems.

3D Lift Plans

Our 3D lift plan allows you to accurately simulate an entire lift in 3D with user-friendly software which helps you to save time, money and increase job efficiency.

Construction Lifting

We have the skill to assist you with almost any commercial or home construction project including remodeling and even transporting your items anywhere in Southern California.

Building Materials

We have access to a wide range of lifting technologies which enables us to move building materials like rebar, wood, and structural steel quickly, and efficiently.

Air Conditioning / Generators

REBCO in Downey, CA can move your large air conditioning plants from the smallest outside wall units to new installations, replacements, and more easily and efficiently.

Spas/ Tuff Sheds/ Shipping Containers

Whatever your spa lifting needs, we have the right crane for the job and can provide spa installation, lifting, and removal easily and efficiently. Our team will even relocate shipping containers for offices and portable restrooms at construction sites.

Cell Towers/Transformers/Poles

Our crane operators are licensed and insured and can provide affordable, high-quality lifting and installing of cell towers, telephone poles, and transformers.

Tank Installs

We are skilled, experienced, and have a broad knowledge of installing and maintaining tanks and can offer you the best equipment and cranes at the most affordable prices.


We can take care of everything from a few stumps, dirt, to an entire grove of large trees for planting at parks, golf courses, hotels, residential properties, and even clean up after storms.

Machinery Lifting

Our team of experts provides comprehensive moving services that cover all aspects of lifting and transport whistle handling your fragile and sensitive machinery.

Man Baskets

Each of our man baskets includes a full safety harness and exceeds all safety requirements so that your personnel feels safe and secure while handling challenging projects.

Spreader Bars

Our team is trained and skilled to always put our customers first and ensure that we give them the most suitable, innovative, and safe spreader bars and accessories every time.

Rigger and Signal

Our clients have enterprises in onshore and offshore locations and depend on us for our expert lifting and rigging services as well as the highest service and support.

Your “One Stop Shop” For All Your Lifting Needs

Our team of professionals in Downey, CA, comes with years of experience and skill and is firmly positioned to help you handle all your project needs and solutions with efficiency and agility to suit any budget.

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Orange County Service Areas

Rebco Crane & Rigging Service the entire county of Orange including the cities and areas listed below:

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