Commercial Construction Crane Rental Service

Requirements of construction lifting to ensure safety performance

A major part of our business relationships is with general contractors who need cranes services for their projects. Construction sites need all types of lifting from steel, machinery, scraps, pipes or any heavy load that requires a crane. The crane company that you choose for your lifting should be the most reliable and trustworthy, not only for preventing heavy losses but also for ensuring the safety of the workers since there is a heavy price to be paid for such accidents.

Many of the construction operations include lifting heavy equipment, as well as humans sometimes. A construction site is a place where a variety of lifting equipment is definitely required. With so many safety issues associated with this cranes lifting, it should be ensured that the lifting equipment used at a construction site is safe, sufficiently strong, stable, and extremely durable. Therefore, looking for a crane rental service provider that will offer you high-quality equipment which is sternly tested on different parameters, easy to operate, has a high load-bearing capacity and optimum performance is crucial.

The lifting equipment should also be abrasion resistant, rust-resistant, excellent durability, sturdy construction and has a significant service life. You should also check for the manufacturer’s dedication to quality, using high-quality raw material, in a well-equipped processing unit and is precisely monitored. So, when you work with a crane rental service ensure that they offer you the correct cranes at the correct times. We provide safe, cost-effective, and flexible services, and thus you can trust us for providing the latest, well-maintained, and thoroughly inspected equipment.

What should you know before hiring a rental crane?

Check out if the crane service has the right equipment for your project, has adequate experience in the field, and also see if they provide any insurance. Also, knowing the weight and dimensions of your load will help you to get the right rigging for your project. Once, you have ensured you have all of the above information, you can inform the most reliable and renowned service provider in town, like Rebco, how high or low you need to lift your load so that they can deliver the right equipment.

Why choose us?

We, at Rebco Crane and Rigging Service, will tae care of your lifting needs with superior quality components and modern technology with the help of our skilled professional team. We offer cranes up to 70 ton to fit your needs. We also make sure that our equipment and affordable lifting services aim at attaining maximum customer satisfaction.

Our crane service, spread across Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, and Orange in California as well as the Washington County in Utah. Our priority lies in assuring our clients of the remarkable performance of our services and equipment that is of superior quality at affordable prices. Thus, we offer you pretty much most of the above requirements so that you get the highest level of quality and safety at your construction site.

We look forward to the opportunity to provide first class crane service