Your Full-Service Lifting and Rigging Solutions in Irvine, CA

At REBCO, we pride ourselves on being professionals and providing our clients in Irvine, CA with complete lifting and rigging solutions. Our team is highly experienced so you can be assured that your project is in safe hands.

Our services

We offer a wide variety of services in Irvine, CA. Some of them are as follows:

3-D Lift Plans

With a 3D lift plan, our customers can see a successful lift before our crane arrives on site which results in increase efficiency on the job site and the bottom line.

Air Conditioning/Generators

AC and HVAC units are large and heavy and to ensure maximum safety and efficiency our team of professionals uses special equipment and skills to lift and move the units.

Building Materials

Our cranes are designed for dredging, landscaping, and lifting materials that require extra reach so that you can get your work done without sacrificing fuel efficiency or time.

Construction Lifting

REBCO in Irvine, CA delivers safe, practical, and affordable solutions to all your machinery and construction equipment moving requirements at short notice.

Up to 70 Ton Cranes

We provide flexible, reliable, and well-maintained crane services for both commercial and industrial clients throughout southern California, each year!


Our professionals are committed to the health and safety of your trees and can lift, or relocate your stumps, trees, or dirt safely and professionally.

Machinery Lifting

At REBCO in Irvine, CA, our team of heavy lifting specialists is on hand to provide you with high-quality equipment and machinery lifting solutions without any of the hassle.

Man Baskets

Our premium man baskets are functional, safe, and made of high-quality steel construction so that your personnel stay secure even when working on risky projects.

Rigger and Signal

We provide on-call service throughout the year and even offer you an experienced rigger and service technician which is strictly certified and trained to meet and exceed your needs.

Shipping Containers

We deliver a seamless and specialty shipping container lifting solution with exceptional safety and agility to ports, warehouses, and harbors.

Spa/Tuff Sheds

It’s vital to pick a spa and hot tub lifting company that ensures optimum safety and takes all precautions to make sure that your spa and property and not damaged in the process.

Spreader Bars

We pride ourselves on creating and tailoring our spreader bar installation to meet the needs of your lifting project with ease and ensure the best solution every time.

All General Hoisting

We excel at utility lifting, infrastructure installation, and general hoisting and know how to help you deliver your project on time and within budget.

Tank Installs

We provide fitting and installation for complex, large and small projects while offering complete professionalism, reliability, and safety from start to finish.

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Our team of professionals in Irvine, CA, is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and safety and we know just how important it is for each of our employees to return home safely at the end of the day.

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Rebco Crane & Rigging Service the entire county of Orange including the cities and areas listed below:

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