Why Use Rental Crane for Tree Removal on Construction Sites?

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In open construction areas, it might be feasible to fall a tree after cutting. However, in most cases, using a crane is the best way to lift and move the trees. Many construction sites have trees that need to be removed before beginning the construction work. Using crane rental for construction sites can help you get the job done faster, more conveniently, and more safely when it comes to removing one or more trees. Besides, the use of a crane for tree removal and lifting is less damaging to the landscape around the tree removal site.


Helps Remove Trees from Hard-to-Reach Areas Safely

Cranes make it possible to remove trees in tight or difficult-to-access areas. Though felling a tree can be a viable option depending on the location, access, and the type of tree, it is not possible to fell a tree if it is very close to a building, roadway, or people.

When using a crane rental service, you don’t have to make the tree fall down. Instead, the tree can be lifted out of the area vertically and moved to the drop zone, where it can be cut down to smaller sizes for transportation and run through a chipper to be used as mulch.

What’s more, trees can be translocated and transplanted instead of harvested if they are properly removed by using a crane service.

Removing a tree from the area using a crane significantly reduces the likeliness of the tree falling on a building, structure, or surrounding trees. Besides, a crane can also lift the tree over structures and obstacles, allowing you to remove those trees that might not be possible to remove otherwise.

Helps Remove Trees in Hazardous Situations

Many trees are not structurally sound and healthy. Storm damage, pest infestations, and diseases are all the reasons why a tree could be structurally weak. Climbing such trees can be life-threatening as they can fall apart in unexpected ways, putting the life of climbers at risk.

In such situations, a crane rental service can help mitigate the risk. In fact, using a crane could be the only way to handle the safe removal of unsound trees. It makes the job not only safe but also more efficient while reducing the chances of collateral damage significantly.

However, in some cases, tree removal may still require someone to climb up and use a chainsaw to cut down the tree piece by piece and a crane to lift and move the heavy pieces and branches. The pieces of a tree can weigh hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Thus, it is critical to know the weight of the wood to be lifted and the maximum load capacity of the crane.

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