5 Crane Safety Tips to Prevent Accidents

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Crane use can be crucial to various construction tasks, but it can also be risky if proper precautions are not taken. Accidents involving cranes and other types of heavy machinery can cause serious injuries.

There are several steps that you can take to prevent accidents with cranes at your site especially if you’re doing commercial construction heavy lifting. Here are five crane safety tips that you should implement to minimize the risk of an accident occurring on site.

Stay clear of fall zones


It is important that anyone who works near a crane stays clear of fall zones. Fall zones are the area below and around the crane, which include:

  • Any active parts of the machine, stockpiles of materials being lifted by the crane
  • Areas where rigging could accidentally fall if it becomes disconnected and spaces around base supports that could weaken.

It is dangerous if you do not stay away from these areas because they are in proximity to moving equipment and heavy objects.

Keep load secure with straps and padding

Always, secure loads with straps and padding or netting. Make sure that your load is within the crane’s capacity – if it is not, do not proceed until it is properly adjusted.

Inspect everything before a crane arrives at your site; make sure that the ground is suitable for crane operation and there is blockage in the path of the crane.

Know crane limits for height, reach, and load

Crane accidents are sometimes avoidable. You can learn a lot about crane safety by reading the owner’s manual, or a meeting over phone call with your local commercial construction crane rental provider who can provide safety tips if you want.

Protect your surroundings with barriers and warning lights

Safety begins with taking precautions. This will protect people and assets on-site as well as onlookers. Install barriers or railings around cranes and hoists in accordance with applicable codes and standards, so you can prevent unauthorized access.

Warning lights should be installed if the crane needs to be used during dark conditions or if it can be seen from public streets, sidewalks, or nearby businesses. This provides additional protection for pedestrians who are not able to see the warning signage.

Don’t use damaged equipment

Damaged equipment is a safety hazard and should be inspected on the spot and repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Equipment should not be rented out until it has been examined by a qualified professional to ensure it is safe. Inform the crane rental company if you find out any part of the crane is damaged.


 Safety is the most important thing when it comes to commercial construction heavy lifting and moving heavy objects. It’s also something that should be addressed regardless of what happens on a job site. Crane accidents can cause serious injury and damage, but they can often be prevented with a little bit of effort from everyone involved.

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