How to Prepare Your Construction Site for Crane Rental in Orange County

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If you are working on a construction project and have booked a crane rental service in Orange County or any other location, you must know that you cannot leave your site as it is. Crane is large and heavy equipment that needs sufficient space to work, a clear path for driving cranes, and a lot more. In short, you will need to prepare your job site beforehand so that the crane operator can come and get the job done without any hassle and delay.


  1. Finish the Necessary Paperwork Beforehand

If there is any paperwork left, you must complete it before the crane arrives at your site. It mostly includes the agreements between you (the client) and the crane rental service provider (the crane contractor). Make sure both parties have signed the agreements. You should also ask for a signed copy of the agreement.


  1. Ensure That All Approvals and Permits Are in Place

Before hiring a crane rental provider, you need to make sure that the company is certified by relevant authorities. And to get a crane on your site and do the lifting job, you will need separate permits. While some companies help with obtaining permits for crane work, others will leave you to get this job done.


No matter which crane rental company in Orange County you are working with, make sure that you have permits for having a crane and operating it on your site. Remember that a crane operator must also be certified and properly trained. So, before hiring a company, don’t forget to inquire about this.


  1. Ensure That the Crane Has Proper Access at the Job Site

In some cases, it can be difficult to get the crane to the site. Cranes are heavy and bulky pieces of equipment. So, make sure that there is a wide and long enough gate or entrance so that the crane can pass through it. If the entrance path is narrow, ask for the dimensions to see if the crane can be driven through the entrance. Also, keep in mind the bumps or rises in the ground as can cause issues. Besides, depending on the site and specific job, you may also need the permission of stakeholders to use the rental crane onsite.


  1. Prep Up the Job Site Terrain

Another thing you need to do is to do everything you can to adjust and even out the terrain for crane arrival. You need to ensure that the crane can safely navigate around the site. See if the space for the crane is enough to move around and get close enough to the load to get the job done properly and safely.


While preparing the terrain, keep an eye on the weather forecast and also on potential hazards such as power lines, drains, ditches, uneven ground, scaffolding, trees and their branches, loose soil, ground stability, etc.

Take action to prevent these hazards. If you cannot, warn all the personnel working there by marking the danger zones. Also, ensure that everyone has protective gear on their body.

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