4 Tips on Preparing For The Arrival Of your Rented Crane To Your Jobsite

After finalizing the deal with a company for a crane rental service in Los Angeles, contractors get relaxed thinking that everything will be handled by the operator thereon. Lifting will become easier and the work will complete faster without any safety issues. But, truly speaking, the work isn’t over as yet.


Whether you rent a simple truck crane for light lift jobs or a crawler crane for heavy lift jobs, you should prepare your job site before the arrival of the crane. It’s important to prevent accidents on your job site and for the safety of the project workers. Also, preparation is needed for proper usage of the crane itself. If you aren’t prepared, you will not get the most out of the crane rental service in Los Angeles.


In this post, we will discuss the preparation tips for the arrival of the rented crane at the job site.


Recheck the job details with the crane rental company– Though you rented a crane after communicating all your requirements to the rental company, you should recheck them before the crane leaves for your job site. Sometimes, the rental company misses important points and sends the wrong crane.


When rechecking the details, don’t include any new parameters because it will be difficult for the rental company to accomplish them. Always keep a point of contact in the rental company and avoid any communication gap at all levels.


Keep the path clear where the crane will be located-  the project site can never be clean. There will be impeding equipment, fencing, dirt piles, and others. Also, the entry and exit gates are not so wide.


Before the arrival of the crane, you should clear the way from where the crane will pass and will be located. Also, you should make the entry and exit gates wide. If it’s not possible, look for other entry and exit points. The crane shouldn’t bump in the roads when coming to your job site because it can be risky. If you don’t clear the way, the time for the crane rental service will run away.


Prepare the terrain- If you think the path to your job site has large bumps or rises, you should be extra careful. These problems on roads are not good for the crane because they can lead to many other issues. Other than this, you should look for unstable ground, ditches, tree branches, and hanging wires.


As you aren’t aware of the right terrain for the crane, you should consult the crane rental service provider. Many rental companies send professionals to review and prepare the terrain.


Go for on-site pre-inspection– There are lots of small and big things on the job site that can interrupt the working of a crane, And these things are not easy to spot. So, along with self-inspection of the job site, you should call a crane rental service provider for the same.


The professionals will conduct pre-lift job walks, job hazard analysis, and review ground stability and overall accessibility for the crane. This pre-inspection will ensure complete safety.


Once you and your job site is prepared, the crane rental service in Los Angeles will be productive and safe.

We look forward to the opportunity to provide first class crane service