How to Avoid Costly Mistakes When Renting a Crane

Anytime you’re planning on renting heavy machinery or equipment, the first thing that you should ask yourself is why you need it in the first place.

If you’re in the construction or building industry, crane rental can be extremely helpful in terms of getting work done faster, cheaper, and with more accuracy than if you were to use just manpower or simple machinery.

But if you’re not careful about how you go about renting cranes, you can end up costing yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars unnecessarily. Here are a few costly mistakes you should avoid when renting out a crane for your job site.


Check the type of crane

When it comes to renting a crane for a project, it’s essential that you choose the right type for the job. There are a variety of types available, including overhead cranes, mobile cranes, and more. Hiring the wrong type can not only be dangerous but can also be expensive.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective crane rental solution, then you should consider a hydraulic crane. Because they offer greater versatility and efficiency than other types of cranes.


Do not overlook the size of the crane

One of the most common mistakes is overlooking the size of the crane. A crane that is too small for the job may not be able to handle the load and may put people and property at risk. On the other hand, a crane that is too large for the job may cost you more money than you need to spend.

It’s important to take the time to measure the space and determine the exact size and capacity of the crane you need. This will help ensure that you are not paying for features that are not necessary, while also ensuring that your job is completed safely. If you want to lift extremely heavy objects smoothly you can also opt for a 3D lift plan as this will do the job easily.


Book in advance

Not booking in advance can be a costly mistake. If you wait until the last minute to book your crane, you may find that the crane is no longer available and you may end up having to pay more for an alternative solution. You might also find that the crane company can’t accommodate your needs or that the prices have increased since you first inquired.


Ignoring the rental period

When it comes to renting a crane, one of the most costly mistakes you can make is not accounting for the rental period. Before you rent a crane, it’s important to calculate the length of time you will need the crane for. Not accounting for the rental period can result in costly overages when it comes time to pay for the rental.



The idea of renting a crane might seem like an expensive proposition, but it can actually be quite affordable if you avoid these common mistakes. If you’re looking for the best crane company in Orange county, reach out to us for affordable and reliable crane rental services.

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