Do I Need a Lift Plan For Crane Rental Service?

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Using a crane on your job site is a complex process, no matter what the project involves. Even if the project is about lifting a piece of equipment, it’s challenging for every individual involved in it. The major concern is safety. Therefore, creating a lift plan is important for a crane rental service. There should be a detailed lift plan, including every important point for crane operations on the job site. This might take time but will help you in the best way.


Reason To Have A Lift Plan


To Select The Right Equipment

In a lift plan, the materials you will be handling, the terrain you will be operating on and other site challenges will be mentioned. Based on these, you will know what equipment and which type of crane to rent.

Without these details, you might choose the wrong crane that would not offer enough lift capacity or a unit that is too large for your site. If this happens, material lifting will be difficult and the chances of accidents will be high. The right crane type will optimize productivity and safety.


To Identify Potential Hazards

Every project or job site features a variety of hazards. No one can claim that their working environment is safe and a crane can be operated safely on the site. Sometimes, these hazards are very serious. So, they should be addressed before starting any work.

A lift plan addresses challenges like overhead constructions, power lines, uneven terrain, and hazardous weather and provides information on how to navigate them for all people involved on the site.


To Optimize The Process And Enhance Safety

As already said, lifting even a piece of equipment is complex. Sometimes, people take it very easy by assuming a lot of things. This becomes risky and becomes threatening for people involved in the process.

A lift plan gives proper direction to the operator and other personnel. They know what to do and when to do it. If there is no lift plan, the operator and other people can quickly become lost and unsure of what to do next. Simply said, a lift plan enhances safety and productivity by optimizing the lifting process and leaving no room for confusion.


To Account For Unexpected Challenges

A comprehensive lift plan includes a thorough site review and walkthrough. This helps in discovering potential terrain hazards, overhead obstructions, and weather-based challenges. This isn’t possible to discover otherwise.

If you know the problems or challenges in advance, you can determine the solutions for them. You don’t have to think on the spot and face any consequences. Most importantly, identifying the problem and finding the solution beforehand will keep your operation moving smoothly.


So, What Do You Think? Do You Need A Lift Plan? 

Truly speaking, everyone needs a lift plan if a crane rental service is involved. If you cannot prepare a lift plan yourself, seek help from professionals before taking any major decision.

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