What Types of Projects Are Hydraulic Cranes Best Suited For?

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If you’ve never heard of hydraulic cranes, you might be surprised to learn that they are some of the most common cranes in use today.

These cranes, also known as mobile cranes, are particularly useful in construction projects where it’s important to move heavy materials but you need to move them regularly and quickly during the course of a project. Today we’re going to be discussing what types of projects are best suited to using hydraulic cranes so that you’ll be able to make informed decisions.


Carrying out construction or maintenance work in airports requires a huge amount of material to be moved around. Hydraulic cranes are highly suitable for these purposes as they can lift heavy loads and travel across various surfaces with ease.

They are also able to carry out jobs in restricted spaces, making them popular with many airport managers. When it comes to dismantling large aircraft, there is nothing more effective than using a hydraulic crane.


Hydraulic cranes are best suited for lifting and moving large and heavy materials in small areas. This is a perfect solution for major railway projects, such as high-speed rail services.

Typically, hydraulic crane companies are contacted when there isn’t enough room on site to store large amounts of equipment and materials. With a hydraulic crane, it is easy to set up shop and operate in tight spaces. Simply position each piece where it needs to go.


When you think of cranes, chances are your first thoughts don’t go to stadiums. However, these high-flying machines are often used in stadium construction and maintenance.

Think about it: There is a lot of heavy machinery and materials that need to be moved around when building a stadium, and hydraulic cranes are perfect for those types of tasks.

What might have taken several crews with smaller cranes in just a few days can now be done with one high-capacity crane in just hours!


If you’re building a new road, constructing an overpass or any other job involving digging or excavation, you’ll want to bring in a hydraulic crane.

These machines can lift and place heavy objects, helping move your project along quickly.

They also allow workers to get much closer to unstable areas and trenches than they would with a standard crane – reducing damage and injury risks.

Apartment complexes

When a new apartment complex or high-rise is being built, or an older building needs to have its facade replaced, cranes are often used.

This type of crane is also often used to work on skyscrapers, bridges, and overpasses. These cranes can reach a height as far as 600 feet in some cases, making them useful for a variety of jobs.

How much weight can hydraulic cranes lift?

It’s estimated that hydraulic cranes can lift weights in excess of 35,000 pounds. However, it should be noted that there is a wide range of hydraulic cranes on offer, and weights vary between models.


A hydraulic crane’s power and precision make it the best choice for heavy lifting operations. The professional crane company operates with a high level of precision, making them perfect for loading, unloading, placing, and removing large and heavy items.

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