Should I Hire Crane Rental Service For Rooftop HVAC Equipment Installation?

When we discuss crane rental services, the first thing that comes to mind is a construction project. To lift heavy construction materials and workers on the construction site, cranes are used. This ensures the safety and speeds up the job, without burdening the workers and others associated with the project. But, cranes are used for other purposes as well. One of them is to install the HVAC equipment.


Residential HVAC installation is a bit easier. But, when it comes to commercial buildings, installation becomes challenging. No matter what the use or design of the commercial building is, it relies on massive metal handling and cooling units, unlike residential buildings. And the units used in the commercial buildings weigh thousands of pounds each. This is why crane rental service becomes important for HVAC installation. Cranes lift heavy objects on the building roof and help in installation.


With a reputable crane rental service provider, there is nothing to worry about. The crane operators are professionals and know how to handle things efficiently and effectively. But, still, you should take some safety precautions.


Clear the area around the crane and building 

Crane operators will double-check the equipment and balance the load in the best way so that nothing goes wrong. But, as HVAC units weigh multiple tons, they could fall from a crane and crash through a building or onto bare ground. This can be injurious to everyone.


You cannot prevent the fall of objects but can protect your employees. For this, you should clear the area around the crane and building. Other than this, you should look out for hazards to the crane and HVAC equipment as it moves through the area. You should be careful about things like low-hanging power lines, poles, pillars near the rooftop, and other obstacles.


Appoint qualified workers

Along with a qualified crane rental service provider, you should be particular about the qualification of other workers involved in the HVAC equipment installation process. If the workers aren’t qualified and don’t know what to do, they might create problems for you and crane operators as well.


This is a kind of safety rule to follow during the installation process. Violating this can be dangerous for you. Other than HVAC installation, the workers hired by you should be qualified to work around cranes as necessary. If this isn’t possible, you should find an alternative way to lift the objects.


Use a secondary lift 

You shouldn’t leave your workers on the roof while the crane is lowering the HVAC units. For safe lifting and landing of the objects, let the crane place them in the general location. Later, you should ask your worker to go to the roof.


As the objects are placed in the general location, your workers have to move them to the last location. For this, advise your workers to use the secondary portable gantry lift. It’s a safer option.


You should hire a crane rental service for rooftop HVAC equipment installation. But, make sure you follow all the safety precautions.




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