Need to Lift Your AC? Here Is Why You Need a Crane!

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Whether you are removing your old air conditioner unit or planning to buy and install a new one during winter because of the dip you see in their prices, you might need to seek the assistance of a crane company to lift your air conditioner, especially if it needs to be installed on a higher floor or rooftop. While installing air conditioners on the ground floor is relatively easy, taking them up to higher floors for installation can be a dangerous task that you should avoid at all costs if you don’t have a crane for help.


Cranes are powerful heavy-lifting equipment that can streamline the installation process for both homeowners who need to install single HVAC units on their floor and contractors who undertake projects of installing multiple air conditioners in tall buildings.


If you still think why you will need a crane company to complete the installation or removal process of your air conditioner or HVAC unit, here are some of the top reasons that explain why a crane is necessary for lifting heavy appliances like air conditioners.


  1. Air Conditioners are too heavy to be lifted and carried manually.

Typically, an air conditioner can weigh between 60lbs – 180lbs (27kg – 82 kg). As the power of AC in terms of BTU or tons increases, the weight of an air conditioner increases. While there is no legal maximum weight that a person can lift, a healthy and fit person can lift about 25kg and not more than this. Besides, lifting heavy weights even lower than 25kg can cause injuries. Since air conditioner units are too heavy to be manually lifted safely, getting the assistance of a crane company is the best choice.


  1. Using cranes makes lifting air conditioners to higher floors easier.

Regardless of whether you want to install the compressor unit on the rooftop or on the backside wall of your apartment on a higher floor, cranes allow you to easily lift the air conditioner and put it on the rooftop or the floor you need it for installation. Many buildings don’t have available space around the building to install outdoor compressor unit necessary for an AC system. The only way to quickly and reliably get this unit onto the roof or desired location is with the use of a crane.


  1. Cranes help you install air conditioners even in areas with obstructions.

Things get more complicated when there are obstructions in the path. Many homeowners, builders, and building managers find it difficult to access the property with a heavy air conditioning unit because of the orientation of the neighboring buildings, the absence of a wide entry point near the installation location, and the presence of vehicles and signage that are in the way. Fortunately, you can solve this problem easily with a hydraulic boom truck crane as it has a boom arm that can be extended to help lift the compressor unit up and over obstructions in the way.


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