How to Make the Most Out of a Commercial Crane Rental Service

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When your commercial project involves moving or lifting large and heavy materials, you will need a commercial crane rental service to get the job done. Most crane rental companies also offer a crane operator when you hire their crane service. However, many times, project managers and leaders are so busy that they forget to take care of some things to get the most out of the crane rental service and save time for everyone. But, with this guide, you won’t miss anything. So, keep reading to make sure that you make things even more hassle-free and smooth.

1. Plan What You Need Crane Service for

Being not clear about what you need a crane for beforehand may lead you to ask the crane rental provider twice or more times to come to finish the job. This means you will have to pay more. So, go through your commercial project plan properly and figure out all the tasks for which you will need a crane. It will save your money and time and will also help you clearly communicate with the crane provider about what you need them to do.

2. Clear the Path for the Crane

A crane is a big piece of equipment which means you will need to plan a pathway in advance. A clear path will allow the crane operator to reach the site easily where lifting or moving work needs to be done. If there are any trees or a shed in the path, you may need to find a second path. And don’t forget to look up and check if there are power lines or any utility wires that can create an issue. Besides, you should also check the ground where the crane will be driven and parked. You don’t want the crane to go over any soft or hollow areas such as septic tanks, irrigation systems, etc.

3. Get Any Necessary Permits

Before you get a crane on your site, you must check with the Department of Public Works and Department of Transportation to see if you need to obtain any permits. They may require you to get a permit to have the crane on your property or to have utility wires moved to accommodate it. In addition, a permit may also be needed to have the equipment moved on public roads. Once you find out what or if any permit is required, make sure to ask the crane rental company if they can get the permit or if it is your responsibility.

If it is up to you to get the permit, then add these costs into the cost of renting a crane. The different quotes then may not seem so far apart once you take the cost of permits into consideration.

4. Prepare Everything Before the Crane Arrives on the Site

Most commercial crane rental services are charged by hours. So, you don’t want the crane and operator to have to sit around while you and your crew put things in place. In fact, depending on the site or project, it may take a day or two. Thus, don’t plan the arrival of the crane until everything that needs to be moved with the crane is delivered.

Keep these things in mind and you will be able to make the most out of a commercial crane rental service.

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