How Do Crane Rental Services Help with Cell Tower Installation?

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Installation of cell towers is complicated and includes risks because of the heights technicians need to work at. It is crucial to work with a reliable crane rental service provider that has sufficient experience in supporting the telecommunication industry. With the help of rental cranes, telecom professionals can easily reach cell towers for installation as well as service.


How is a crane useful during cell tower installation?

When building telecommunication networks, a crane rental service provider can help with various aspects of cell tower installation. For instance:

  • During foundation work that includes attachments for cast-in-place and precast concrete
  • During the erection of cell towers because the structural steel is heavy to lift and needs to be lifted to higher heights
  • During the installation of antennas after the establishment of cell towers for lifting components and equipment to the top


In addition to this, with crane rental services, telecommunication companies and contractors can increase the capability to carry out planned and unplanned maintenance with ease.


Some of the cell tower maintenance tasks where a crane is needed include:

  • To perform cell tower inspection because the top of the cell towers is hard-to-reach areas and also needs stability while working
  • To carry out upgrade-related work as it often involves the replacement of outdated components with advanced ones.
  • To enable tower removal when needed because cranes can easily lift up and down dismantled structural materials.


Why Rent Cranes for Cell Tower Installation and Other Operations?

Working with a good crane rental service provider means you will enjoy several benefits, such as:

  1. Quick Access: When there are pressing demands, you can quickly call a crane company and ask them to provide a suitable crane for cell tower installation, servicing, maintenance, or whatever it is you need to do. A crane rental company provides you with quick access to the most suitable crane and experienced crane operators.


  1. No Overhead Costs: Hiring a crane rental service is also cost-effective because you can save on upfront costs and also eliminate the costs that come with crane ownership such as maintenance, servicing, certification, repair, and more. With this option, you need to pay only a predetermined rental fee and nothing else.


  1. Access to Trained Operators: When you hire a crane rental service, you also have access to trained and experienced crane operators. And when you choose a crane company that also specializes in assisting with cell tower-related operations, you can rest assured that crane operators know what they are required to do. Besides, having trained crane operators on your site also means fewer potential safety risks.


  1. Higher Flexibility: Another big advantage of choosing a crane rental service for cell tower installation is flexibility. You can hire rental cranes and operators as and when needed without having to worry about anything.


At Rebco Crane & Rigging Service, Inc., we offer highly reliable crane rental services and have been assisting in a cell tower installation and related operations for years in California. So, if you have cell tower installation, service, maintenance, upgrade, or removal project, call us for a crane rental service right away.




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