Can I Rent Any Crane For Tilt-Up Construction?

crane rental for construction sites

The demand for tilt-up construction is increasing because of its fast build times and affordable structure costs. And because of this, the demand for crane service is increasing. It’s said that tilt-up construction is impossible without a crane because it raises the pieces of the building into place.

Crane service is crucial for tilt-up construction but it doesn’t mean all crane types will work on the site. You cannot just randomly pick a crane from the service provider and expect that the work will be done effectively and efficiently. Before you opt for crane rental service in Washington County Utah for tilt-up construction, you should consider the following:

The size of the components 

Unlike other construction projects, tilt-up construction involves larger structural components. In other building jobs, manual lifting and moving some of the components is easy but it’s impossible in tilt-up construction.

You should determine the size and weight of the components to be installed and inform the crane rental service provider. Based on the details provided, the rental company will recommend you the best crane for tilt-up construction.

The type of terrain

The crane has to move continuously on the construction site to lift and drop the components. So, the terrain on which the construction is getting done should be right for the crane. Some crane types are not suitable to traverse over difficult or unstable ground while other cranes can handle the job easily.

You should determine the terrain type and inform the crane rental service provider. The company will decide on the right crane based on the terrain. If the terrain is difficult to get to, a crawler crane or rough terrain crane is recommended.

The overhead clearance 

Overhead obstacles make the lifting process difficult for the crane operator. It makes the process lengthy and challenging as the crane operator has to be a bit extra careful while operating.

Fortunately, there are cranes with articulating booms that make operating in areas with low overhead clearance easier. You just have to keep a check on the overhead clearance and inform the crane rental company. The professionals will provide you with the right crane type.

Tilt-up construction is different from other building projects. If the crane service you hire is not right for the project, it will not be complete. The workers on the site will face problems, delaying the project timeline. Most importantly, the chances of accidents and injuries will increase. So, you should consider the factors discussed in this post and work with one of the best crane rental services in Washington County Utah.

Note: You shouldn’t hire crane service only based on the cost to reduce the overall project cost. This might be dangerous for you and your construction workers.







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